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This newsletter is my soapbox where I get to write about things that I personally find interesting. The newsletter probably meanders between tech, investing, semiconductors, and the internet. If you find my writing interesting, you should stick around.

What is the Future of this Newsletter?

I will be writing specifically about Semiconductors for the foreseeable future. It’s probably my strongest area relative to anything else. I hope to write long-form primers, actionable research (such as my post on Inphi), and other interesting topics from an investment perspective.

Who Am I?

Hey! I’m Doug. I formerly was employed at a firm in Texas called Bowie Capital where I started out of college. There I focused on compounders, quality-focused investing, and learned a lot of what I know there. I started to become more interested in semiconductors specifically which kicked my obsessive journey to where I am now.

For now, I don’t really know what I’m doing, but the most important thing in my near term life is starting the Continental Divide Trail in mid-April of 2021. Hiking a long trail has always been a life dream and I kind of quit everything to make sure I could achieve it.

Afterward, I will likely continue to write this substack and maybe expand outside of semiconductors. Maybe I’ll go back to school, pursue more entrepreneurial endeavors like this substack, or just really focus on this. Regardless I’ll still be writing about investing in some shape or form for a long time to come.

For those curious about what’s going to happen when I’m MIA from April-August of 2021 - I’ll be pausing payments during the hike and I’ll make sure to throw a free month of content when I come back. This is also the reason for no annual discount currently.

I’m really looking forward to growing personally and sharing all I can learn about investing, semiconductors, and the future rabbit holes I fall into. I’m really happy you’re here to watch my journey. Cheers!